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Friday, 10 February 2012

A3 Layouts

These are what the layouts should have looked like in the first place but i'm glad i re-did them because i think they look so much better now. The 2nd one is my favourite, its visually interesting and i think it would make you want to read the article.
This was our 2nd task, but i actually did them wrong. They were supposed to be portrait layouts. I designed these 2 as double page spreads, but instead of throwing them away i've kept them and re-done them...

A4 Magazine Layouts

Theses are my 3 sets of A4 magazine layouts. The task was create a set of which looked like the belonged together or were a 'family' and do a simple layout, a more complex layout and the last one being more complex still. I think i achieved this on all of them, however i can understand if you found it hard to tell which was the more complex layout on the last photos the middle one looks busier but the last one is more complex i think because i've used a serif typeface and san serif typeface together in the title and it works. Also because i've used a bit of introductory text which is important in the hierarchy.