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I'm Sian Pryce, a student at Wolverhampton Unversity, studying Graphic Communication.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Video for Inside/Outside

This is my final video for 'Inside/Outside' using iMovie and exported into Quicktime. I am so pleased with the way this video has turned out as I have never used the programme before. I've grouped all similar letterforms together to help the video run more smoothly. I managed to fade the music out at the end as the length of the photo's took it to an appropriate place to cut the music.

Music for Inside/Outside

The music I think i will use for the video is 'Let the Sun Shine - Labrinth'. I think the lyrics are relaxing and because it starts off quite slower but then speeds up, suits the video because I think it helps you get 'into it'. I would also like the music to fade out at the end if the length of the photos takes it too and appropriate place to cut the music.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Inside/Outside Letter Forms

This is the last project for Vis. Com, it's called 'Inside/Outside'. We were asked to take around about 30 photos of different letterforms we are surrounded by. From manufactured type to letterforms we can see that objects make. Here are all the photos I have found, taken from a variety of places...