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I'm Sian Pryce, a student at Wolverhampton Unversity, studying Graphic Communication.

Friday, 27 April 2012

The front cover...

These are just designs I sketched for the front cover of my magazine. I wanted a big photo to cover the whole of the magazine and I also liked the look of it bleeding off the edges. I wanted to do something different with the title too, but wasn't quite sure what so I also experimented with that.

This is the first possible design for the front cover. I love the photo I've used on this one it's very dynamic and looks intriguing. The only thing that worries me is that it could look bit too much and busy with the combination of windows and writing.

My second design for the front cover is probably my favourite. I like the simple design, the photo I've used is brilliant and the angle i've put it on works well! I think i've achieved the 'difference' I wanted with the title, by not using a capital at the start and placing it in the left hand bottom corner, as this isn't where we usually read from. This is definitely my favourite but still think more can be done to improve it.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Indesign spreads

This is one of the first 'Hooray for Carbuncles' spreads using Indesign. I'm mainly happy with the layout. But there's still quite a lot that I can improve!

These are 2 different versions of my 5 article dps. I've changed around several things to try and make it look better but I'm still not completely happy with the design.

'Hooray For Carbuncles' article

I really tried to sketch loads of different alternative layouts again, the same as the 5 article DPS so I had a range to chose from which made it easier for me I think. Something that I included in quite a few of my sketches was a big photo, which I think worked well!

Choosing the font...

Here, I've researched different typefaces and selected my favourites and ones that i think are most appropriate for my spreads.

Sketches for 5 article DPS

These are my first lot of sketches for the 5 article DPS. I'm really pleased with them, and the selection I have come up with! I started off by sketching alternate layouts for each individual article then played around with the layout of the whole page!