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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'Zine' Ideas

 These are a few more designs for my Zine DPS and the introductionto the 2nd brief with a few designs. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my rough sketches and estimating the right amount of text.

More designs for the 2nd breif - the Hello and Welcome DPS. I definetly feel alot more confident with designing on a smaller scale now too. I am finding it alot easier.
Working on the final part of the 2nd brief - The front cover. I think this was probably the easiest task to do because theres not as much to think about with allignments of text, this is why I left it until last. I was also trying to make sure that the Hello and Welcome DPS and the front cover looked like the belonged to the same magazine, so I tried to add element which would pair the 2 designs!

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